V&A Museum

I went to the V&A museum for a different project but ended up finding a few artefacts that I could use for inspiration for this project as well.



This is a “Monstrance” (1735, with later additions.) It is a religious artefact that is placed on an altar. I immediately was drawn to it because it depicts barley. It also depicts grape vines which are not too dissimilar to hop vines.


Mask, 1700.┬áProbably from a fountain. I like the flowing leaves around the face, the random way they’re placed and how they interact with the face.
I also loved the floral garlands in the stonework of the museum building itself. Again, I was interested by the composition and the way the architects have created a flowing, natural design.
17th century wrought iron gates. I like the flowing, circular shapes with the added leaf details. It has a kind of art nouveau feel. Although I probably won’t have any symmetry on my labels, I do like the way the shapes have been composed.