Wax Seal Experimentation

I tested out some methods of using wax for the beer seals. I didn’t have any silver to hand so I used a metallic red. The wax comes in sticks which are melted with a flame.
I received the silver wax in the post and I’m thrilled with the colour. The bright silver stands out and matches the colours of the label really well.
 The only issue I have is that the method of dripping the wax over the bottle is time consuming and fiddly. I’m not too sure I like how this looks – it’s so messy. I have seen others online dip the tops of bottles in the wax instead which is less fiddly and a much better idea.
Another issue that I have is that I don’t think this style of beer bottle is suitable for the wax seal.
I think it will be better to find a different type of bottle – either a corked seal or a standard bottle cap seal. I can see that the handles of the flip cap will get in the way of the wax and it will look very messy.
I bought some more bottles from Wilkos (here) with standard metal cap tops. They’re amber coloured glass and 500ml as well, like the Grolsch style bottles. I also bought some silver coloured bottle sealing was (here) and found an old saucepan, tin can, metal spoon and wooden spatulas for stirring.
Before I got started I watched a few tutorials online.


First I melted the wax on my kitchen hob. I broke up the pieces of wax into smaller sizes that would fit in the tin can and would melt faster. I melted a few pieces at a time. It took about 15 minutes for everything to melt.
How the bottles looked before the wax went on. I also marked with a little of the melted wax where I wanted the seal to stop so I could create a more uniform look.


My first batch of wax dipped bottles. They’re a bit hit and miss – some turned out perfect and others didn’t look that great.




Thankfully wax is a very forgiving material and I could pick off the bits that ran and looked a bit rough and re-dip them.




I really love how the wax seals look when they’re clean/neat like these ones, but I also do like the dripping effect.
Using the metal spoon I dripped some wax onto the seals. It didn’t look right, so I picked off the drips and kept the bottles as just a neat, clean seal.


A comparison of the messy dripped seals compared to the clean ones. The clean ones look much more professionally done which is what I am trying to achieve.


A comparison to the first technique I tried and the wax dipping. Such a big improvement!


I am over the moon with how the wax seals turned out. I was surprised that after a few goes I picked up the technique quickly and managed to get a very professional, clean look. These wax seals really add something special to the design and will match the silver labels and the antique theme so well.

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