Quick Print Test & Label Adhesive




I wanted to check how the colours looked so I printed out the label using my printer at home. As expected, the colours did get a bit butchered and turned out really dark. I know that the higher quality printer I/the client will use will do the colours justice, but to be on the safe side, I decided to make the colours brighter/lighter to account for this.
I’m not sure why, but my computer printed the labels a lot smaller than the actual measurements. Usually I print directly from Photoshop, but for some reason my program wasn’t letting me do this (it’s been crashing a bit lately) so I printed the image using windows print manager on my mum’s laptop and the proportions were incorrect. This isn’t an issue though, I know that the proportions will be correct when I go to a proper printers.
I was worried that the white might be too bright. It actually looks fine, and even though the printer messed up and printed the design too small, the text is still readable and there’s a good contrast against the background. The black label blends in really well with the dark bottle colour.
Colours before and after.
I also quickly tested a method of attaching the labels. I keep reading in online forums and other places online that a lot of people use ordinary milk to adhere their labels. (here, here, here, here, here) It seemed completely weird at first, but I gave it a got and it actually worked. For once, the internet didn’t spout nonsense. After a few hours, the label is firmly stuck on. Apart from the bad paper quality and ink it actually looks decent.
The downsides to using it seem to be that:
  • it doesn’t work for commercial use
  • it can make some inks run
  • there’s a risk it may not look professional
Pros to using it:
  • It’s cheap and easy. I always have milk in the house
  • It works for small batches – so perfect for my project as I only need to have three bottles. My client will obviously use a different method to me.
  • I can try some interesting paper – I’m not limited to the gross paper on adhesive labels.




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