Label Ideas

My client mentioned that he wanted labels that wrapped around the bottle fully. He also decided he wanted to use dark brown Grolsch style bottles. Grolsch/swing top/clip top bottles feature a closable cap which stays on the bottle. These are great for recycling and reusing too.


“At 3.125″ x 7.375″ these labels are meant to really “cover your glass”.These labels completely wrap around most 12oz bottles and will leave about 3/4″ gap on 22oz bombers and most wine bottles.  It’s like using both a front and a back label – plus a little extra!” (Grog tags)




4″ x 8″






Initially my client said that a 4.58″x 4.5″ label would be fine, but when I checked it against the bottle, it wasn’t large enough for the information or the design. We then tried 4″x 6.5″ but that was still too small too. I felt that the 4″ slide was okay but the labels needed to be a lot longer. Finally I settled on 8″ as the width and 3.5″ for the height, because it was long enough at the back to almost touch, I can fit all of the information on the label and there’s still enough space for the design on the front. One thing I was concerned about was that there wouldn’t be enough room for the design but this size will definitely have enough room.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.07.56

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.08.08


I also hashed out a very quick idea for the label. It’s based on some of the other labels I’ve seen. There’s room at the side for the information. I think the composition is quite interesting and it’s a little different to what I usually do. The label is almost like a “scene”, with some of the imagery extending beyond the top and bottom of the image. The loose petals and leaves from the barley and hops would “float” amongst the information.
I’m also including the amount of hops and barley that is present within the style of beer itself, which my client and I think is really exciting. We think this idea is a bit unusual and would make for a really interesting design idea.

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