Brewing Illustrations

After speaking to my tutor and the client about what kind of machinery to include, I went in search of a more attractive way to render brewing equipment.
I first stumbled on illustrations in old Encyclopedias.


These two are from different German Encyclopaedias.



This one is a plate from a British Encyclopaedia.


I really liked the way that these machines look. It’s more interesting and appealing to see how they work and the mechanism that is inside them. They feel less clinical, and have more of an antique steampunk vibe which would suit Antiquity’s theme.


I then found some old machine patents on different places online.
“The inventor could pursue patents for new methods of making beer or new devices for making beer.  Those patents give the inventor the right to excludeothers from making or using the invention without permission.  The idea is that the inventor should have the right to own the idea for a limited time in exchange for bringing it into the world.” (Inventing Patents)
“Patents refer to an invention, whereas copyrights refer to the expression of an idea, such as an artistic work. A patent is a right, granted by the government, to exclude others from making, using, or selling your invention. Patents protect inventions such as new processes, machines, or chemicals. The central idea is that patents protect ideas, not just expressions of them. The main effect of patents is to give their holders the right to challenge any use of the invention by a third party. He thereby gave a temporary monopoly of exploitation which can be understood as a financial incentive for inventive industrial activities.” (CJam)



(Source/Patent info)


(Source/Patent Info)



(Source/Patent info)


(Source/Patent info)
These were found browsing through Google Patent. (Source)






These patent machines are also fascinating. I prefer the illustrations where the machine has been rendered properly, as opposed to a flat drawing.
I spoke to my client about this type of imagery, which he said he really loved and would be keen for me to use. He sent me some photos of some old fashioned looking machinery which I could use for reference:



CC Whiskey Casks 80





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