Art Nouveau Machinery, Metal & Architecture

Based on my previous post, I tried to find some examples of any art nouveau machinery to widen my search. Most machinery around that time that I found didn’t look particularly ‘art nouveau’ – as I noted before, it tends to be in the surrounding architecture.
The closest to machinery I can find is art nouveau imagery made from metal, especially ironwork.


I looked through the book Art Nouveau Architecture by Keiichi Tahara as a starting point.
I chose these examples because the flowing, organic forms of the metal would work well for what I’m designing. I’m also looking for motifs that I could use as inspiration for the forms and shapes of the plant/ingredients.

artnouveauarchitecture 2

artnouveauarchitecture 3

artnouveauarchitecture 6

artnouveauarchitecture 5

artnouveauarchitecture 4


artnouveauarchitecture 7

artnouveauarchitecture 8

artnouveauarchitecture 9

artnouveauarchitecture 10

artnouveauarchitecture 14

artnouveauarchitecture 13

artnouveauarchitecture 12

artnouveauarchitecture 11



















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