Meantime Brewery Tour

I went on a tour of the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich to learn more about the way beer is made and to also have a look at the machinery first hand.




Inside the brewery. The most recognisable piece of kit are the huge conical shaped tanks that allows the brewery to make large quantities of beer. Everything was absolutely spotless and shiny, we were surrounded by silver everywhere. It was very futuristic looking. I think some of the tanks look a bit like spacecrafts. We were also shown the bottling and packaging part of the brewery as well.


We also had some beer tasting as well, as part of the tour. We were given different beers and the grains they were made with to show us how the flavours are produced in the beer. Most of the information we were told I already know from doing previous research but at least it confirmed that the research I had done was correct!
I would definitely recommend this tour. The beer tasting was insightful and it was fascinating being able to walk around a working, modern brewery.

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