Naparbier Brewery

“Have you ever felt the natural scent of beer when it is produced in mass? The beer drinkers have spent a long time suffering the insipid taste of the multinational brands.
Naparbier is committed to make beer with a high quality, using the best ingredients, naturals and fresh. It means that each Naparbier beer is make without preservatives, additives and other harmful chemicals.
We develop uncompromising beer. Beers bold and irreverent. Beer with passion and soul.
The beer was not created to be an insipid or bored liquor.” (Naparbier)


Naparbier is a company that my client showed me, as he loves the labels they’ve created. I prefer the labels that are more of an overall ‘scene’ design, rather than the imagery that is more of a motif. I like how the first three labels are quite consistent – the labels are composed similarly and have matching layouts. For Antiquity’s labels, I will probably utilise this same consistency, with alterations to each actual design.








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