Eat Drink Graphics

I found a few different examples of labels and branding in the book Eat Drink Graphics by Monsa, a Spanish based publishing company. There were some examples that I thought were notable, although what I want to achieve for my client is different to some.

Scan 8.png

Scan 7

I like the gothic flair of this design. The black and white is so eyecatching and bold. Photographing the beer next to a black, shiny leather texture was a brilliant idea and suits the feel of the labels so well.

Scan 2Scan 3

I’m not overly keen on these labels but I love that they clearly are all the same brand. The differences in the labels and the colour changes is a good idea – it is clear that each bottle is a different product/flavour, but the whole set is very cohesive.
Scan 4
I love the textures, vintage feel and unusual shape of these labels. Again, I love that each label is different but follows the same layout to make sure the bottles all feel cohesive and share a similar look.
Scan 5
I really like the hand drawn look of this design. Most beer packaging is quite boring, so to use the large amount of space to display a beautiful design and important information is a really clever idea. Treating the text graphically helps to make designs look like they don’t just contain a lot of boring text, and helps the text integrate within the illustration better.
Scan 9
I liked the unusual shape of these labels, although I think the design is a bit boring. Using the neck to display information is quite unusual and here I think it works really well.

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