Final Major Project – Antiquity Brewing Brand Identity and Labels

My client is Antiquity Brewing; a new, independent brewery from Kent.
“Beer brewing and drinking are activities that have been part of the human experience seemingly since the dawn of civilisation. Around 10,000 years ago, mankind began to move away from living life as nomadic hunter gatherers, and began settling down in one spot to farm the land. Grain, a vital ingredient in beer making, was cultivated by these new agricultural societies.” (Today I Found Out)
The aim of this assignment is to create:
  • A logo and branding/brand identity for the brewery
  • 3 beer labels that represent 3 flavours of beer: lager, stout and pale ale
  • Other branding/promotional products for the brewery
The client has specified that all 3 labels must be similar in style, but each flavour requires different illustrations based on the season, taste, and ingredients of the individual flavours.
The branding and illustration is required to be classy and bold, and also must be fairly traditional. My client is a fan of “no nonsense” and “to-the-point” branding. He is also a fan of heavy metal artwork, so I will introduce some elements of that into the work, although the illustrations for this assignment won’t be as “dark” as previous work I’ve created.
Research: An expertise in specialist research relevant to the process of beer brewing and market research of similar beer brands. Also some design knowledge or research into art styles that the client likes.
Experimentation: Testing and exploring specific ideas and materials suitable for the client, but also a need to create work that is suitable for the brand’s aesthetic. The client wishes to have a brand identity that is different to both traditional beer brands and modern ones.
Technical Skills: Utilising both modern/technical skills along with traditional ones in an appropriate manner, achieving a high quality result.
Personal Development: Managing learning through reflection, planning, self-direction, subject engagement and commitment. A chance for existing skill and style to improve.
Collaborative and Professional Working: Demonstrate proficiency in the management of work. An understanding of the professional skills needed to work for an actual client.

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